Hotel sleep at home A luxurious night’s sleep

Did you know that hotel guests have enjoyed sleeping in Familon beds for decades, and the same hotel-style luxury is now available for you at home? Add some everyday luxury to your bedroom with hotel-style sleeping products. Wrap yourself in wonderful materials and enjoy a luxurious night’s sleep – every night.

Decorate your bedroom in hotel style: a luxurious continental bed, an ergonomic top mattress, a stylish headboard, soft pillows, plush duvets, and percale cotton duvet covers enable you to sleep at home like in a hotel.

We offer a selection of products for a hotel-style, luxurious night’s sleep at a 20% discount from normal prices. Valid until 28 February. Free parcel delivery to Finland for purchases over 90 €.


Please note that delivery of beds, flat-packed mattresses and bedheads is not possible to countries outside of Finland.