Dreams with down Let down lull you gently to sleep.

Familon Down is now even more responsible. It adds infatuating plushness of down and a touch of luxury to everyday life. Upgrade your nights with the new fluffy comfort of dreams with down!

The Familon Down collection includes three luxurious pillows: the low Silver Responsible, the medium-high Gold Responsible and the high Silver Responsible, and three soft and airy duvets. Depending on your preferences for warmth, choose the cool Silver Responsible light down duvet, the standard temperature Silver Responsible down duvet, or the extremely warm and plush Gold Responsible down duvet.

We only use RDS-certified down and feathers in our down products. The Responsible Down Standard, a voluntary, global standard to ensure best practices for down and feather, guarantees the ethical origin and traceability of materials. RDS-certified down and feathers can be traced all the way to the farm that bred the animals, and the certification ensures that the general welfare of the animals has been taken care of throughout the production chain.

The filling material of down products is sourced from food industry surplus, produced responsibly with respect to animal rights. The production process for RDS materials adheres strictly to ethical standards.