Responsibly from recycled fibre More responsible Familon, one pillow at a time

Environmental friendliness has long been taken into account in the fillings of Familon pillows and duvets – we have been using recycled fibre since 1995. The recycled filling fibre is a polyester fibre made from used PET plastic bottles, which we can use to significantly reduce the consumption of valuable natural resources, as no new raw material is needed. Currently, 60% of our range of pillows and duvets have a recycled fiber filling. Our goal is to increase the share of recycled polyester in the filling fibres of pillows and duvets to 80 percent.

In 2020, we saved 3.3 million PET bottles. In terms of quality, recycled polyester is as good as traditional polyester. The only difference is that no new raw material is needed to make it, saving valuable natural resources. Sleep well and do good - a recycled fiber pillow and duvet is a good choice for both you and the environment.