Novelties Glowing spicy tones

Our new collection of patterned products feature a combination of rich colours and exciting contrasts, creating an interesting mix. The lined, delicately layered Tuulenvire pattern evokes images of hay moving in the breeze, or ceramic patterns. The short brush strokes of Kukinto, the other novelty, create an abstract surface reminiscent of tussocks in a mire, or a flowering meadow.

The novelty patterns glow in shades of cinnamon, wine and soot. Cinnamon and wine also give colour to towels and new linen duvet covers. The dark shades make the vivid linen surface glow.


The Familon Home home textile collection does not follow seasonal trends like fast fashion. Instead, new designs calmly bring in the new season. The new colours and patterns are designed to fit seamlessly with the current products in the collection.