Christmas gift ideas

Gift-wrap better sleep

The most popular Christmas presents for a genuine need. The most popular Christmas gifts include luxurious linen sheets in beautiful heather colours, a wonderfully ergonomic body pillow, stylish percale sheets in hotel style, and something that will really warm the recipient, a plush down duvet. These gifts stand the test of time, and warmly remind you of the person that gave them. Wrap up the best soft packages of Familon’s gift ideas for a good night’s sleep.

Selection of soft gifts at a 20% discount until 20 December.

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Hotel Style

A gift that will take you beyond the day-to-day

It’s been a long and strange year, but we have a dream Christmas to look forward to. To create the Christmas spirit that will exceed all expectations, get some luxurious materials, stylish percale sheets in hotel style, plush down duvets and a spotless home. Give a bit of luxury for Christmas.

Ergonomic gift tips

Better sleep in a gift wrap

Does your loved one’s sleep require something special? Fulfil your dreams of better sleep and gift-wrap ergonomic design and smart materials. A shaped and individually adjustable pillow, temperature-equalising duvet, top mattress that gives optimal support, and an ergonomic bed are invaluable gifts. Give perfect rest as a great present.

Creators of atmosphere

Give warmth as a gift

Soon your home will be filled with Christmas magic and atmosphere: candlelight, packages under the Christmas tree, and elves peeking in through the windows. Bring Christmas into your bedroom by making your bed with the relaxed but luxurious linen sheet, and surprise a friend who loves nice patterns with high-quality cotton sheets.

Christmas and the kidsroom

Best sleep for the little ones

You’ll never forget your childhood Christmases – whoops of joy, delicious goodies and the long but enjoyable build-up will stay in your memory for the rest of your life. After all the waiting and at the end of the exciting day, the little ones will just love to fall asleep in their bed with all the new soft things.

The pattern in the picture soon available.

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Christmas presents for less than 50€

A bit of spark for your everyday life

We have created many gift ideas that cost less than 50€. Beautiful cotton sheets, soft terry towels and a linen pillowcase are fine gifts for someone near and dear this Christmas.