Selecting the right product

The best night's sleep and everyday well-being are made with the right choices. Choose the right sleep products for yourself with the tips of a good sleep expert. Familon is always a promise on high quality. All Familon products are designed in Finland, with over 50 years of experience. For us, it is important to foster sustainable behaviour, and all of our products are long lasting.

Sustainable choices are ones that you don’t easily tire of – a timeless, high-quality product is the best choice from an environmental perspective. The quality and feel of materials, a restful feeling, cleanliness and great combinability are emphasised in our products.

Familon collections are designed with future trends in mind, but more than anything, ourstyle is timelessly peaceful, Scandinavian and accessible. We also want our products to stand the test of time. Only a small proportion of our products change seasonally. Instead, we prefer long-lived collections and high quality products.

"Familon products create genuine well-being."

The quality of sleep is a sum of it's components - remember to change!

A good pillow is well-being - change every 2 years.
Suitable duvet, better dreams - change every 4 years.
Comfortable bed, properly supported sleeping position - change every 8-10 years.
Properly chosen mattress gives a good night's sleep - change every 6-8 years.
Top mattress completes the sleeping comfort - change every 4-6 years.

Without good sleep the everyday life suffers

Everyday life holds firmly and the days are hectic, so good sleep is extremely important. An ergonomic bed, the bedding that suits your needs and perfectly soft sheets crown the sleeping experience. At a hotel, these things are already thought out for you to ensure a perfect sleep. With Familon products, you can easily create the same atmosphere and sleeping comfort in your own everyday life.

The moment at the end of the day when you slip into your own bed - is the luxury of everyday life.