How to select a duvet

Choosing the right duvet

Everyone has their own preference when it comes to sleeping temperature, and you should also consider how warm your home is when deciding what type of duvet is best for you. Familon’s high quality, easy-care duvets are ideal for hot and cold sleepers alike. Irresistibly soft, they have all the ingredients you need for a snug night’s sleep.

The wrong kind of duvet can leave you feeling hot and sticky, even on a good mattress, causing your body to perspire and release heat throughout the night. If the microclimate between the mattress and the duvet isn't as it should be, the relative humidity level can reach 80%, causing you to sweat even more.

A quality duvet not only feels nicer, it also keeps your body at just the right temperature through the night. Select your favorite duvet and enjoy!

Outlast Super duvet:
An extra-comfortable duvet that regulates your body temperature.