How to select a top mattress

Choosing the right mattress and top mattress

A mattress provides the basic support for your body, but the top mattress gives individual support. Your bed supports your body best when your spine lays naturally straight as you sleep; this allows your entire body to relax.

The top mattress is the final touch when it comes to a good night’s sleep, so pick one based on your body shape. Shapely, broad-shouldered and straight body types require different top mattresses that support and conform to the body differently. If your top mattress provides the right surface softness and support for your body, you’ll never wake up feeling numb and tired.

Twin beds with separate mattresses can be combined into a double when needed by using one top mattress to cover both beds. If you have a double bed, both users can pick a separate one. If you pick one top mattress for two different body types, it's essential to make sure that it’s right for both of you.

A memory foam top mattress that conforms to the individual sleepers’ temperatures as well as their weights is a good choice in this case.

We take care of every detail to make drifting off to sleep a pure pleasure. Select your favorite mattress and enjoy!

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