More sustainable Familon, one pillow at a time

Our mission is to offer products and solutions for well-being to help everyone sleep and feel better. The key function of our products is to wish everyone sweet dreams, but we also want them to be a promise of sustainable operations and a commitment to the principles of sustainable development. Sustainability is no simple issue in the textile industry, and for us it means, above all, choices that respect the environment and people at the various stages of the value chain, from design all the way to manufacture and transport.

When we set out to structure Familon’s sustainability for the first time in the form of a separate report (Familon’s Sustainability Review 2018), we felt we had succeeded in many respects.

Local production is important to us and worth pursuing – in 2018, 94% of Familon’s products were manufactured in Europe, and 6% outside Europe. As our supply chain extends to distant countries, membership in the amfori BSCI network enables us to ensure that social responsibility issues are in order in production facilities and with suppliers, near and far.

In terms of product development and a reliable supply chain, long-term partnerships are valuable capital for Familon. Decades of cooperation, for example with our suppliers, have built mutual trust and have always been the Familon way.

Sustainable choices of material play a major role in the environmental impact of our operations. We are proud of the fact that the utilisation rate of recycled fibre in Familon’s pillow and duvet fillings has been high for years, and today, it is close to 80 percent, which is our target for 2020. Likewise, the share of organic fabrics is growing consistently in every collection.

Above all, our aim is for Familon to be synonymous with products that stand the test of time, and are durable in use. We wonder what happens to discarded Familon products, and on the other hand, we want them to last as long as possible. We see a wide range of opportunities in the circular economy and, among other things, are involved in researching ways to recycle polyester with Lounais-Suomen Jätehuolto, the company in charge of waste management in Southwest Finland.

We know that we are just taking the first steps in our sustainability work, but ambitious goals are taking us forward by leaps and bounds. The 14 targets set for 2020 will again contribute to making our operations significantly more transparent, sustainable and fairer.

In Familon's Sustainability Review, we look at the year 2018 at Familon, reflecting it for example against the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and opening up our sustainability goals for the future. We want to make our promise on how we intend to be a more sustainable and responsible company in the future. A good way to boost our sustainability efforts is to say out loud both the small and big goals.

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