Care instructions

Take care of your Familon products and they'll take care of you. If you take good care of your bedding and bed, they'll return the favour. Proper care will keep them in great shape so you can enjoy quality sleep night after night, year after year.

Take care of your sleep products. Regular airing and washing keeps the bedding fresh. Wash the pillow 3–4 times and the duvet 1–2 times a year. Change bed sheets at least every other week and the pillowcase weekly. This will keep your bed in good condition and the pillow, duvet and bedding working as they should.

Protect your pillow and top mattress with a breathable waterproof cover, that is easy to wash and dries quickly. With the waterproof protector you can extend the life of your sleep product and enjoy quality sleep for longer. Childrens mattress is also easy to care for, when protected by a breathable waterproof mattress cover.

Take care of your Familon products and they'll take care of you.

Remember to change

Wash your bedding and replace it regularly. It's hygienic and you’ll feel an improvement in the quality of your sleep, too.

Follow the recommended change intervals:
Pillow - change every 2 years.
Duvet - change every 4 years.
Bed - change every 8–10 years.
Mattress - change every 6–8 years.
Top mattress - change every 4–6 years.