Care instructions for your top mattress

Sleep ergonomically in a clean bed

The top mattress that gives the finishing touch to your sleep requires regular care. Easy-care Familon top mattresses are made of materials proven safe even for the most sensitive sleepers. To ensure clean, fresh and ergonomic sleep every night, remember to take proper care of your top mattress.

To ensure good quality sleep, remember to replace the top mattress at regular intervals. The secret to keeping your bed hygienic and ergonomic is proper care and regular replacement interval: replace your top mattress every four years. During the night, the moisture from your body gets to the top mattress as well and over time, its properties will be affected. The structure of even a high-quality filling gives in over time due to natural wear and sagging of the materials. Remember the change interval and replace your top mattress regularly.

The waterproof top mattress protector helps keep the mattress clean and extends its lifespan.

Clean and fresh dreams, inspired by northern nature.

Guidelines for top mattress care

Regular vacuuming will keep your top mattress fresh.

Rotate the top mattress from end to end and flip it over at least three to four times a year, or each time you change the sheets, to distribute the load more evenly on the filling.

Remember to follow the washing instructions given on the cover. Remove the foam filling before washing, as it is not washable. Many Familon top mattress covers have a zipper on four sides, allowing you to wash the cover in two parts. If you decide to wash the cover completely, turn it inside out and close the zipper before washing. After washing, stretch the cover into shape while wet and allow to dry in an airy place.

The 3D spiral fibre filling of the completely washable Ergo Breathair top mattress can be washed by spraying with water.

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Airing of the top mattress

Airing outdoors in sub-zero temperatures is a traditional way to care for bedding in northern countries. When airing the top mattress, never use a carpet beater on it to avoid damaging the structure of the filling. 

Top mattresses containing memory foam that adjusts to body heat and weight will harden when aired outside at sub-zero temperatures. This is completely natural. Carefully move the mattress inside to room temperature as is, and leave it to warm up and straighten on its own. For mattresses with smart filling, we recommend airing of the mattress cover only.

To remove any new product odour from the top mattress, press it down while vacuuming. Rolling the top mattress will also help remove the new product odour quicker. The odour is completely harmless and will disappear over time.

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