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To us, good sleep is one of the cornerstones of wellbeing. Wellbeing is, after all, a holistic experience not only influenced by sleep but also by exercise, food, a comfortable environment and the right personal choices. We want to offer you inspirational tips that help you sleep and feel better. Holistic wellbeing for our friends – join us!

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Thanks to our over fifty years of experience in designing sleep products for northern conditions, we are the best partner for good sleep. By registering as a customer and signing in, you can view your order history and use the benefits offered to Friends of Familon at the online store. Our excellent membership benefits include special sales for Friends of Familon and changing discount codes. And by subscribing to our weekly email newsletter, you’ll always be among the first to know about the best special offers and new products and get inspiring tips for a good night’s sleep.

After you have registered as a member of Friends of Familon, you’ll receive an email containing a signing-up benefit: a code that entitles you to a 15 per cent discount on all regular-priced products and free package delivery. The free delivery is only available within Finland and does not include home delivery. The discount code is valid for a month and can only be used once. Only one discount code is granted per order. The discount does not apply to special offers or gift cards. Join us, and you’ll be in good company!