We always choose the safest, tested and most suitable materials for each product. High product quality feels good for you and the environment. Sweet dreams are made of these ingredients.

  • Linen

    Linen - Naturally ecological

    Familon linen duvet covers and linen pillowcases are made of high-quality European enzyme-washed linen. Linen absorbs moisture well and transfers excess body heat away, it feels cool in summer and warm in winter. Enzyme-washed linen does not shrink much. The linen product stays wonderfully soft if you dry it in the dryer. Linen is a naturally ecological choice and will only improve from wash to wash.

  • Percale

    Percale - Sustainable luxury

    Percale fabric is woven densely from very thin cotton threads, the fabric must have a thread count or TC value of more than 200. The percale fabric is particularly smooth and soft, dimly shimmering and luxurious. Linen made of cotton percale feels comfortable against the skin and is highly durable. After washing, cotton percale tends to be slightly more wrinkled than cotton satin if the product is not ironed/pressed. The cotton percale most closely resembles the luxurious-feeling "crispy" hotel sheets. Familon's cotton percale is not stonewashed.

  • Organic

    Organic - organic cotton

    At no point in the production of organically grown 100% organic cotton fabric are chemicals used: neither during the cultivation of cotton, nor after the cotton is harvested. The organic cotton used by Familon is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified and 100% traceable.

    About half of the pillows and duvets in the Familon collection have an organic cotton outer fabric. We continuously expand our range of organic products; the towel set Prince is the latest addition to our organic home textiles. For products designed for the youngest family members, we are also switching to using organic cotton, e.g. children’s and baby bed sheets are made of organic cotton.

  • Lyocell Satin

    Lyocell Satin

    Lyocell is made from responsibly sourced renewable wood fibre in a closed process. The silky soft and beautifully shimmering Tencel satin duvet covers and pillowcases are made from 100% Lyocell Tencel™ satin fabric. In addition to its lovely feel, Lyocell is breathable, allowing air to circulate and moisture to evaporate, keeping the bed fresh and comfortable through the night. The naturally antibacterial Lyocell material cleans with a gentle wash.

  • Responsible down

    Responsible down - responsibly caring for your sleep

    Familon Responsible down pillows and duvets look after your sleep more responsibly than ever! We are switching to using only RDS (Responsible Down Standard) certified down and feathers in all our down products. The production process for RDS materials is traceable and adheres strictly to ethical standards.

    Our down products also have a Downafresh Greenline quality guarantee, which means that the down and feathers comply with a strict European hygiene standard. Certifiably safe and clean down and feathers have been washed with water and dried at a temperature of at least 100 degrees Celsius, using environmentally friendly detergents that preserve the properties of natural materials. The Nomite logo guarantees the suitability of the products for those with a dust mite allergy.

  • Recycled material

    Recycled material - a secondary raw material for the benefit of the environment

    Polyester is a synthetic textile material made from crude oil. However, environmental friendliness has long been taken into account in the fillings of Familon pillows and duvets - we have been using recycled fibre since 1995. In 2018, 55% of the filling fibres and wadding in our products were recycled fibre. Filling fibre is a polyester fibre made from used PET plastic bottles, which we can use to significantly reduce the consumption of valuable natural resources, as no new raw material is needed.

    During 2018, we used a total of 129,225 kg of recycled fibre as the filling fibre for the pillows and duvets we produced. About 35 PET bottles are needed to produce one kilo, which means that in total we were able to utilise about 4.5 million PET bottles. The recycled polyester grades we use are mostly (68%) Eco-labelled polyester filler fibres, the environmental friendliness of which has been demonstrated by impartial life cycle analyses and the EU Ecolabel granted to the materials.

  • Adjustable


    The Familon cushion selection includes many adjustable filled cushions to provide the right kind of support for your sleep. Adjustable cushions have a zipper to adjust the amount of filling. The height of the cushions can be changed to suit your needs by adding or decreasing the amount of filling. You can order Extra filling from the online store. Check out the Lokerikko Neck Pillow, shaped Ultra filled pillow, shaped Body pillow and Ergo body pillow. With these adjustable sleep buddies, you can enjoy well-supported dreams.

  • Heat regulating material

    Heat regulating material

    Individual temperature control allows for a constant sleeping temperature and offers relief when occasionally sweating or feeling cold. Familon offers innovative pillows, duvets and mattress covers that regulate body temperature, so you can sleep all night at just the right temperature. Explore products that dynamically control heat at Familon Smart selection.

  • Cooling material

    Cooling material

    Too hot for sleep? No need to worry, Familon Cool Organic pillows and duvets provide a cool feel, bringing relief in the middle of the summer heat and when sleeping in warm homes, and when occasionally sweating. Cooling innovations bring fresh and restful dreams. Explore Familon Smart selection.

  • Smart filling

    Smart filling - ergonomic support and a feeling of weightlessness

    Smart filling responds to body heat and weight, giving the body optimal support. Smart filling is made of viscoelastic polyurethane foam, also known as memory foam. Providing good ergonomic support, smart filling is suitable for all body types, including shapely ones. Offering a high level of support and conforming to one’s body shape, smart filling enhances your sleep by bringing a sense of luxurious softness and weightlessness.

    Smart filling is temperature-sensitive and hardens when aired outside under sub-zero temperatures, this is natural. Carefully transfer the hardened product to a warm place and allow it to slowly warm up. Smart filling may also feel harder if the bedroom temperature is low. However, smart filling will soften when reacting to the warmth and weight of your body, when preparing for sleep.

  • Tencel

    Tencel - silky soft and breathable

    Tencel™ Lyocell wood fibre is valued for its good breathability, softness and environmentally friendly manufacturing process. Responsibly produced Lyocell is an ecological alternative. The luxurious Familon Lux pillows and Familon Lux Light duvets and Familon Tencel satin sheets have a lovely silky soft feel on the skin. Tencel satin sheets have a dense and smooth TC 300 fabric.

  • Package


    Paptic® is a biodegradable wood-based packaging material that is durable in use and repels moisture. After use, Paptic can be recycled as cardboard or packaging paper. The completely new packages of Familon’s pillows and duvets consist of a bag made of Paptic as well as a corrugated-cardboard banderole that closes the bag.

  • Outlast

    Outlast® - Dynamic temperature control

    Outlast® material provides optimal sleeping comfort and excellent thermal control. Thermocules® heat cells in a special material store body heat and release it back when needed. Not too hot or cold, but just right. Explore Familon Smart selection. Outlast® Xelerate significantly enhances the thermal control of a traditional Outlast® special fabric with an innovative heat spreader technology that absorbs and distributes heat quickly, making dynamic Outlast® thermal control even more active and efficient. Watch the Outlast® video on YouTube.

  • Aerelle Cool Night

    Aerelle Cool Night - cooling effect

    Aerelle® Cool Night fibre has a wonderful cooling effect. The filling fibre for pillows and duvets directs excess heat away from the body and provides a cool feeling throughout the night. The innovative cooling polyester fibre is made from recycled raw material obtained from recycled PET bottles. Familon's luxurious Cool Organic summer pillows and duvets are also suitable for year-round use for those who prefer a cooler feel. Explore Familon Cool products at Smart selection.

  • Aerelle® Soft Flex

    Aerelle® Soft Flex

    Familon Feel Aerelle Organic pillow is capable of something revolutionary; retaining its shape and returning to its original shape after use and several washes, as if new. The secret of the pillow's resilience lies in the Aerelle® Soft Flex spiral hollowfibre, which returns to its original shape incredibly well even after several washes. Check out the Feel Aerelle pillow.

  • Aerelle Blue

    Aerelle® Blue

    Aerelle Blue is a soft recycled polyester fibre for pillows. Aerelle® Blue is made from Social Plastic®, a plastic made from plastic waste collected from beaches and waterways. The plastic is collected in areas without proper recycling systems to prevent marine pollution. The collection is organised by the social enterprise Plastic Bank. Collectors of plastic waste are paid a fee to help them improve their living standards.

  • Dacron Extralife

    Extralife - Durable and non-flattening

    A fibre of a high technical standard that ensures the longevity and fluffiness of the product. The fibre has been developed to be durable and non-flattening and provides durable support for the head and neck. Check out Familon Extralife pillow and Extralife duvet.

  • Comforel Eco

    Comforel® Eco - Conformable and easy to care for

    Comforel® Eco spherical fibre is an individually conformable, soft and easy-care filling fibre that provides balanced and correct support for the head and neck. Comforel® Eco polyester fibre is made from recycled raw material obtained from recycled PET bottles. Eco-labelled fibre is produced in a particularly environmentally friendly way, saving energy, water and natural resources.

  • Hollofil Eco

    Hollofil® Eco - Airy and breathable

    A uniquely airy and breathable four-channel hollow fibre with longitudinal air ducts that distribute heat evenly. Hollofil® Eco polyester fibre is made from recycled raw material obtained from recycled PET bottles. Eco-labelled fibre is produced in a particularly environmentally friendly way, saving energy, water and natural resources.

  • Cirrus

    Cirrus™ - Fresh and fluffy

    Pleasantly fresh and fluffy fibre with an efficient moisture transfer feature ensuring that you feel fresh even in the morning. Ideal for both duvets and pillows. Cirrus™ polyester fibre is made from pure processed secondary raw material obtained from recycled PET bottles. Watch the Cirrus™ fibre video on YouTube you can also watch a video on making recycled fibre on YouTube.

  • Dreamfil

    Dreamfil - Recycled fibre that respects nature

    Familon's range of pillows and covers also includes eco-core, a Dreamfil fibre made from recycled plastic bottles with a carbon footprint that is about four times lower than that of conventional polyester fibre. 100% pure recycled material significantly extends the life cycle of the product.

  • Fabric thread count (TC)

    Thread count (TC) refers to the number of threads in a woven fabric vertically and horizontally per square inch (one inch is 2.54 cm). In general, a higher thread count indicates higher quality. However, there are differences in the materials and, for example, linen thread is usually thicker than cotton thread, so the thread count of linen is lower than that of cotton. In addition to the thread count, the quality of the final product is affected by, e.g. the origin, purity, treatment, manufacturing methods, binding and finishing of the materials.

    Familon products are always selected with the materials best suited to their intended use. Thread counts: cotton percale bottom sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases TC 200, cotton printed duvet covers and pillowcases TC 150, linen linen duvet covers and pillowcases TC 100.