A good day begins after a good night’s sleep

A good pillow creates wellbeing. A pillow is the right height when the neck and cervical vertebrae are in a naturally straight position. Select your pillow on the basis of your sleeping position, body type and mattress softness. Whether you sleep on your side, back or stomach, we are sure to have just the right kind of pillow for you.

Consider the following when selecting a pillow:

1. How high a pillow do you want?
2. How soft a pillow are you looking for?
3. In what position do you usually sleep?

A suitable pillow is important to the quality of your sleep, and even your health. Familon’s ergonomic smart filling pillows, luxurious down pillows and Outlast pillows that regulate your temperature will take your sleep to a new level.

How can I find the best possible pillow for my neck? Learn more about our Ergo series ergonomic pillows and say goodbye to stiff necks and shoulders in the morning.

Wondering where Familon’s down feathers are from? Read more about our down products.

High-quality Familon pillows are the ideal companions for friends of good sleep. See our extensive range of products!

What is your preferred pillow height?

What is your preferred pillow softness?

What is your preferred sleeping position?


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