How to select the right pillow?

This is how you will find just the right pillow for you

The right pillow will help you find the optimal sleeping position and drift lightly to sleep. When the pillow is of the right size and provides ideal support, you will sleep peacefully without tossing and turning and wake up refreshed and rested the next morning. An ideal pillow supports the neck and back so that the spine is in a naturally straight position.

When choosing a new sleeping companion to put under your head, you should consider your sleeping position, body shape, mattress flexibility, and your personal preferences and needs.

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The sleeping position influences the height of the pillow

On the side

For sleeping on your side, a high cushion is the best choice as it supports the neck so that the spine is in a straight line and the chest remains open.

On the back

If you prefer sleeping on your back, choose a slightly lower pillow to support the neck and keep the head in a naturally straight position to keep the spine in a straight line.

On the stomach

We do not recommend sleeping on your stomach, because the position of the neck becomes unnaturally twisted. If, however, you prefer sleeping on your stomach, a low pillow is best.

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Pay attention to mattress flexibility and body type

Mattress flexibility

The type of mattress is another factor to consider when choosing a pillow. The softer the mattress, the deeper the shoulders are pressed into it. In this case, a lower pillow is sufficient to support the neck and spine in the correct position. When you acquire a new bed, you should upgrade the pillow at the same time to make the sleeping position optimal.

Body shape

The shape of your body influences the size of the pillow. A large sleeper with broad shoulders needs a higher cushion than a small and lithe sleeper. Children also need a pillow of their own. For 0–1 year olds, the choice is a thin baby pillow, replaced by a low children’s pillow at the age of 1–2 years. Children in school age can use a standard-sized low pillow.

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Personal preferences and needs

The sleeping position, body shape and mattress flexibility are important when choosing a pillow, but so are your own preferences and needs. Do you like a soft basic pillow or prefer special features or particularly good ergonomics? Or is a luxurious down pillow what you like?

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Find the right pillow just for you and enjoy sweet dreams inspired by Northern nature!

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