Hotel Style

For luxurious dreams

Familon Hotel Style offers everyday luxury by bringing hotel-level dreams into your own bedroom. Hotel Style is pure luxury in Scandinavian style: top-quality materials that feel wonderful. Soft linen, gently glowing percale, plush down products and bed products that give perfect support to your body will transport you to five-star sleep. Wrap yourself in wonderful materials and enjoy a luxurious night’s sleep – every night.

When you want a bit of luxury – sleep in Hotel Style.

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Luxurious beds

Do you always sleep best in a hotel? Take a holiday in your own bedroom and enjoy luxurious sleep. A luxurious hotel bed feels both plush and firm at the same time: Hotel continental bed is a classic hotel bed with a firm feel that supports your body. A single Hotel box spring bed provides hotel-level sleep in a firm bed that supports you just right. By putting together two box spring beds, you can have a hotel-level double bed in your home. A Hotel headboard adds the finishing touch!

“It’s really like sleeping in a hotel. This bed is awesome.”

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Luxurious down

Soft pillows and duvets make the bed irresistible. Create that hotel atmosphere with luxurious down pillows and duvets, made of responsibly manufactured RDS down. Hotel beds also have giant pillows, suitable for both lounging and sleeping. A bit of luxury for your everyday life!


Luxurious feel

Luxurious high-quality materials. Will you go for linen or percale sheets? Natural linen feels soft on your skin and the smooth percale gives a wonderfully airy feeling. Choose your favourite colour and bring a bit of luxury into your bedroom. Organic percale bottom sheets are already a classic. Wrap yourself in wonderful materials and enjoy a luxurious night’s sleep – every night.

”Absolutely gorgeous sheets. They feel really good against the skin, I recommend them.”

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