An even more sustainable Familon, one pillow at a time

Familon’s mission is to ensure good sleep for everyone. Good sleep is the foundation of wellbeing, and the ultimate way to look after oneself and others. Our aim is to wish everyone sweet dreams, but we also want our products to be a promise of sustainable operations and a commitment to sustainable development. Sustainability is no simple matter in the textile industry, and for us it means, above all, making choices that respect the environment and people at all stages of the value chain, from design to manufacture and transport.

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The review provides a comprehensive look at Familon’s activities and performance from a number of perspectives. We prepare a Sustainability Review every two years. The latest review focuses on 2020, when we achieved many of the sustainability targets set in the previous Sustainability Review, which covered our operations in 2018.

Our goals for 2023 are based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). We focus on four of the SDG goals, which are presented in the review.

Familon Sustainability Review 2020 >

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Local production and long-term partnerships

It is important to us at Familon that our products are manufactured locally as far as possible, and that we know for certain that our supply chain is sustainable. When it comes to product development and a reliable supply chain, long-term partnerships are valuable to Familon. Establishing and maintaining deep mutual trust with our suppliers has always been the Familon way, and we have been working with some of our suppliers for decades.

In 2020, 96% of Familon’s products were manufactured in Europe. Our factories in Pärnu, Estonia accounted for 70% of production. Products from countries that are classified as “risk countries” in the amfori BSCI country risk classification accounted for around 7% of Familon’s procurement in 2020. All our suppliers operating in the countries in this category must always have a valid certificate of social responsibility auditing.

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Sustainable choices

Above all, our aim is for Familon to be a byword for products that withstand the test of time. We are always looking for new ways to extend the life cycle of our products and recycle the materials used in them. We run recycling campaigns to extend the life cycle of pillows and duvets. We are also developing our packaging by conducting research to find the most environmentally friendly materials that are easy to recycle.

Sustainable material choices play a major role in the environmental impact of our operations. We are proud of the fact that we have been using recycled polyester in our products since 1995, and have been steadily increasing its share over the years. In 2020, 61% of Familon’s pillows, duvets and top mattresses were made from recycled polyester. Organic cotton has also become more prevalent in our collection every year, and in 2020 it made up 35% of the cotton we used.

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A MORE TRANSPARENT SUPPLY CHAIN: We surveyed our supply chain and gathered more detailed information not only on our suppliers, but also on their subcontractors and their main raw material suppliers.

FAMILON CODE OF CONDUCT: All our suppliers have undertaken to adhere to the Familon Code of Conduct, which is based on the amfori BSCI Code of Conduct.

AN INCREASINGLY SUSTAINABLE SUPPLIER PORTFOLIO All our suppliers that operate in countries that are classified by amfori BSCI as risk countries (Turkey, China and Pakistan) must always have a valid certificate of social responsibility auditing (amfori BSCI, Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA) or Social Accountability International’s SA8000 social certification standard).

MORE SUSTAINABLE COTTON In 2020, we used 25,000 kg of organic cotton, which accounts for 35% of all the cotton we use (2018: 1.1%). In 2018, the target for 2020 was set at 20%, and we exceeded it by an impressive margin.

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Driven by our ambitious goals, we will continue to make our operations more and more sustainable at every stage of the production chain.  A good way to boost these efforts is to state our goals out loud – no matter how big or small. And this is precisely what we are doing.

We are interested in your thoughts on sustainability – contact us by email! All suggestions for development and comments are welcome: [email protected].