Nordic design

Northern beauty and practicality feel good

For the design, we draw inspiration from our northern roots and the simple design tradition of the north. The Familon products for good sleep are designed in Finland.

Timeless collections inspired by northern nature

Familon’s collections are designed to be timeless, and new products are only added to the selection when necessary. Each product has its own carefully considered role in the selection and provides different solutions to meet the needs of different sleepers.

The textile collection, which is updated once a year, does not follow the seasonal thinking of fast fashion – it is refreshed for each new season with a few new patterns and colours. The patterns are inspired by natural elements, and the colours come from the varying tones of the four northern seasons. The new patterns and colours in the collection are always designed to match the products in the previous collections. This way, you don’t have to get all new linens every year but can update your bedding with just a few new products.

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Designed for a purpose

We don’t want to design anything unnecessary – we want all our products to have a clear purpose in providing better sleep. Our products are designed for a specific need in compliance with the principle of circular design. The materials are always selected based on what suits the product’s intended use best, and the product’s design must always support the same goal.

Perfection is the elimination of the unnecessary, and that is what we strive for with our products and packaging. Less is more.

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