How to use the body pillow

Body pillow to support your sleeping position

If you are a restless sleeper and don’t feel well rested in the morning, the problem may be with your pillow. Just one pillow under your head may not always suffice for an optimal sleeping position, and many discover a wonderful, new feeling of weightlessness in sleeping positions supported by long body pillows.

The excellent support provided by the long body pillow enables your body to relax. The long body pillow supports the spine in a natural position, eliminating harmful rotation. This lowers strain and pain in the body, reduces the need to toss and turn, and increases the amount of restorative sleep.

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Three ways to use a body pillow

  1. The top of the body pillow supports the thoracic spine and upper limb via the chest, preventing harmful back rotation and strain on the shoulders. In a well-supported position, the chest remains open and breathing is easy. The lower part of the body pillow comprehensively supports the legs from ankle to hip, facilitating a balanced sleeping position and no pressure is applied to the nerves on the hip or ankle.
  2. The body pillow can also be used behind the back to support the spine to take pressure off the shoulders and hips.
  3. You can bend one leg over the pillow while the other lies straight alongside it.
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Familon Body shaped pillow

The adjustable Familon Body pillow, designed to resolve the special challenges of sleeping on your side, has been developed in collaboration with occupational physiotherapist Jenni Ahopelto.

  • Large and plush body pillow for the best possible sleep ergonomics.
  • The pillow is ergonomically shaped in the lengthwise direction.
  • The thicker end is high enough to provide support even for broad shoulders.
  • The filling is divided into five compartments to ensure that it stays properly in place.
  • The amount of filling in each compartment can be adjusted.
  • The pillow will not become flat, as the total amount of filling corresponds to the filling of two duvets.
  • Suitable for allergy sufferers. Wash at 60 °C.
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Familon Original body pillow

The Original body pillow has been designed in collaboration with a physiatrist.

  • Straight and long body pillow
  • A comfortable sleeping companion, nicknamed “boyfriend pillow”.
  • Divided with a stitch into two parts, 70 and 80 cm
  • Filling can be added or taken out at both ends.
  • Easy-care, suitable for allergy sufferers. Wash at 60 °C.
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Support your neck in the correct position

Did you know that when you sleep, ten per cent of your body weight rests on the pillow? Familon neck pillows and adjustable pillows are designed to provide special support.

  • The exceptionally breathable and airy Familon Air neck pillow is ideal for warm summer nights.
  • The soft memory foam padding in the Familon Memory neck pillow provides the best support for the neck.

Well-supported sleep promotes wellbeing.

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