Care instructions for your mattress

When cared for properly, your Familon mattress will retain its properties and ensure you a good night’s sleep for a long time to come.

A foam mattress needs regular care. Regular care will keep your high-quality Familon mattress clean and fresh, and give it a long lifespan. The ergonomic Familon mattresses, foam mattresses and children’s mattresses are designed to be easy to care for. The moisture-proof top mattress protector and children’s mattress protector protect the mattress from damage and extend its lifespan.

To ensure good quality sleep, remember to replace the mattress at regular intervals. A new mattress at six-year intervals will keep your bed hygienic and fresh.

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Guidelines for mattress care

The foam mattress stays clean and fresh when vacuumed from time to time. Leave your bed uncovered for a while to air it after sleep, to allow any moisture absorbed into the bedding to evaporate.

Rotate the mattress from end-to-end and flip it over at least three to four times a year to distribute the load more evenly on the filling. Regular rotation and flipping over will extend the lifespan of the mattress.

Most Familon mattresses have a removable cover with a zipper on either three or all four sides. When you wash the cover, follow the instructions on the product. Select a low spin speed (max. 800 rpm). Stretch the cover into shape while wet and leave to dry in an airy place. Tumble drying is not recommended. Remove the foam filling before washing, as it is not washable.

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Ensure good ventilation and use the mattress correctly

Place the foam mattress on a slatted or perforated frame to allow air to circulate and the natural moisture created during sleep to evaporate from the mattress even from below. The structure of adjustable motorised bed frames allows good ventilation and are suitable as base for a foam mattress.

The mattress is designed only for sleeping on. Please avoid sitting on the edge of the mattress for lengthy periods to avoid sagging. However, the structure of even high-quality filling gives in over time due to natural wear of the materials.

To remove any new product odour from the mattress, press it down while vacuuming. Rolling the mattress will also help remove the new product odour quicker. The odour is completely harmless and will disappear over time. Please do not beat the mattress, as that will damage the cellular structure of the foam.

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