Care instructions for bed linen

The feel of Familon bed textiles will improve in use

Enjoy the smoothness of percale cotton and the softness of linen year after year. Proper care will extend the lifespan of our high-quality bed textiles. Familon duvet covers, pillowcases and bottom sheets contain no harmful substances and are safe even for the most sensitive sleepers. We recommend washing the textile products before use. See the product-specific care instructions given on the product label.

Clean and fresh dreams, inspired by northern nature.

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Washing and care instructions for bed linen

Everyday routines make a difference for the freshness of the bed linen. You should always air the bedroom in the morning. Pull the duvets aside and allow the bed to freshen as well. Change the bed linen approximately at two-week intervals.

Wash the bed linen as instructed at 60 °C with similar colours, inside out, to keep the colours bright. Wash dark colours separately.

Let the bed linen dry in a well-ventilated place on a clothesline or use a tumble dryer. Do not place the bed linen in storage before they are completely dry. A tumble dryer will remove any loose fibre from the surface of the product.

Ironing and mangling will make the bed linen luxuriously smooth and reduce the release of textile dust from the fabric.

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Care instructions for Tencel satin bed linen

The luxurious Familon Tencel satin sheets have a lovely silky soft feel to the skin. Tencel™ lyocell wood fibre is valued for its good breathability, softness and its environmentally responsible manufacturing process.

By caring for your Tencel satin sheets properly, you'll enjoy luxurious sleep for longer. The naturally antibacterial lyocell material cleans with a gentle wash. A gentle 40°C wash with a light spin cycle (max. 800 rpm) is recommended for Tencel sheets. To preserve the smooth surface of the satin sheets and to prevent the fabric from getting caught on zips or fasteners of other laundry, we recommend washing the sheets separately.

The gentlest way is to leave the sheet to dry in an airy place, e.g. on a string; light tumble drying is possible. We recommend washing, drying and ironing with the sheets turned inside out. Wash dark-coloured sheets separately.

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Care instructions for percale cotton bed linen

The hotel-style Familon Percale duvet covers and bottom sheets are made of very densely woven, durable percale cotton fabric. Proper care will retain the smoothness, softness and matte sheen, characteristic for hotel bed linen, of the luxurious cotton percale fabric. Wash the percale sheets at 60 °C, as instructed. Select a low spin speed (max. 800 rpm).

It is only natural for cotton percale sheets to come out of the wash slightly wrinkled. Half-loading the washing machine will help keep the sheets smoother. Mangling or ironing will restore the matte sheen and smoothness.

The right care will retain the high quality of percale sheets year after year.

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Care instructions for linen bed textiles

Linen, ideal for bed textiles, will last long with the proper care. Familon linen sheets are enzyme washed to give the linen a wonderfully soft feel. Enzyme-washed linen will not wrinkle or shrink like untreated linen. Wash the linen sheets separately at 60 °C, as instructed. Select a low spin speed (max. 800 rpm).

Stretch the bed linen to dry on the clothesline. Tumble drying at a low heat setting helps keep linen soft. Enzyme-washed linen sheets do not require ironing to stay soft. Do not mangle products equipped with strings.

Linen sheets will only improve in use.

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