Care instructions for your bed

Take care of your Familon bed and it will take care of you.

Your Familon bed, made from the very best allergy-safe materials, will take care of your better sleep, every night. Your bed stays clean and fresh when vacuumed from time to time. Leave your bed uncovered for a while to air it after sleep, to allow any moisture absorbed into the bedding to evaporate.

Clean and fresh dreams, inspired by northern nature.

Rotating the bed extends its lifespan

Rotate the bed regularly lengthwise so that the load is more evenly distributed on the spring system. This will extend the life of your bed.

Check the attachment of the bed legs regularly. To prevent damage to the attachment of the bed legs, never pull on the bed when moving it.

To remove any new product odour from the bed, press the mattress down while vacuuming. The odour is completely harmless and will disappear over time. Never use a carpet beater to rid your bed from dust.

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The bed is made for sleeping

The beds and mattresses are designed only for sleeping on. Please avoid sitting on the edge of the bed or mattress for lengthy periods to avoid sagging.

Even a high-quality spring system will stretch and the structure of the filling will give in over time due to natural wear and sagging of the materials.

Remember the change interval and replace your bed every 8 years. When the bed no longer provides optimal support to your body, it is time for a new one. Replacing in time is hygienic and good for your sleep quality.

A moisture-proof top mattress protector protects your bed from damage and extends its lifespan.

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