Familon across the decades

Familon has accompanied Finns in both the land of dreams and daytime adventures for over 50 years. The Familon collection includes everything you need for good sleep, from sheets to beds. All our products serve the same purpose of good sleep, and form a harmonious collection of products that complement each other. Familon is an expert in Pure Nordic Sleep.

Familon — an advocate of wellbeing and good sleep since 1966.

Our story began in 1912

Familon's roots go back to 1912, when Valjasliike Oy, originally trading in leather goods, was founded. The Helsinki-based company provided durable harnesses and leather accessories for local horsemen. Thereafter, the company, which was named Espe Oy after its founder, Samuli Pajarinen, gradually became a manufacturer serving the furniture and interior design industries in a variety of ways. Over the years, the focus moved to foam, which was a modern, innovative material. Espe took a bold leap into the unknown by starting to produce this material of the future as a raw material for various companies.

The 1960s

The Familon brand was registered in 1966, as the first step towards consumer business. The name Familon comes from the words family and porolon, which is Russian for foam. Manufacture of foam mattresses, spring mattresses and box spring beds, as well as other advanced special products in the pillow and duvet category, began under the Familon brand.

The 1970s

Familon was number one in Finland in the mattress, duvet and pillow markets, and as a company, the technological leader in the European foam industry. Familon is present in the daily lives of Finnish families with children in the form of the maternity package sleeping bag, an iconic product from the 1970s to the present day. The sleeping bag is an example of project sales expertise, known today as Familon Pro.

The 1980s

In another bold change of focus, the company began making mattresses. It deepened its expertise and understanding of the way Finns sleep, and Familon took yet another step towards serving consumers. More than 80% of Finns already knew the Familon Princess brand, which had been on the market since the 1960s.

The 1990s

Product manufacturing became more technical: completely new and innovative fibre solutions and technologies were introduced in pillows and duvets. As a pioneer in a range of fibre technologies, Familon introduced the conforming Comforel spherical fibre for pillows on the Finnish market. The product range expanded in the 1990s, with the comprehensive set of bedroom products being complemented with textiles including duvet covers, bedspreads and curtains.

The 2000s

At the beginning of the millennium, Familon launched beds with smart filling. The new Familon collection was called ‘a functional collection’ due to its high functionality and practicality. Children’s products became more comfortable for users with the high-quality Familon Hiphop collection, ensuring the sweetest dreams for little ones in the family. Patient safety also improved: the new innovative rescue mattresses in the Familon Pro collection ensured hospital patients both sound sleep and a rapid rescue. Along the way, the company's product portfolio included the Finlayson brand.

The 2010s

In 2014, textile operator Peter Hunt acquired the Familon business, and Familon Oy became part of the Swedish Trading House Scandinavia AB Group.

The concept of holistic wellbeing and understanding of good sleep and wellbeing were at the core of operations. Familon celebrated the company’s 50th anniversary in 2016 by returning to its roots with the re-launch of a home textile collection named Familon Home. The harmonious world of home textiles, their high quality and pleasant feel continue the philosophy of other Familon product categories, while making Familon a home textile brand that offers home wellness products from duvet covers to bedding.

Familon’s continuous research and development facilitate the provision of environmentally sustainable products that will also promote personal wellbeing in the future. In spring 2019, pillows and duvets renewed with organic fabrics were launched in the Princess Organic and Hiphop Organic product lines.

The 2020s, Familon today

Familon’s products can be found in every third Finnish home. Familon is closer to the customer than ever: being over half a century old, Familon is the best expert on how Finns sleep. We offer premium products for homes and professional use, based on decades of professionalism.

The story of Familon was born in the land of northern sleep, in the midst of deep darkness and endless light. We build sound sleep from these unique origins. Familon = Pure Nordic Sleep.

Today, Familon’s product range includes beds, mattresses, pillows and duvets, as well as home textiles. Designed for public premises, the Familon Pro collection is tested for durability even in tough use. Familon products ensure sound sleep in uniquely comfortable hotel rooms, cabins on Arctic ships and, above all, in thousands of homes with as many individual needs as there are sleepers.

Consistent work continues on producing a more ecological and responsible Familon product range. Recycled fibre has been used in the fillings of Familon pillows and duvets since 1995. Our goal is to further increase the share of recycled polyester in filling fibres for pillows and duvets to 80 percent.

Familon Oy's change of name to Wendre Finland Oy in 2020 will not affect Familon’s business operations. Cooperation with other Wendre Group companies promotes the introduction of innovations and international distribution. The Familon.fi online store will start deliveries to EU countries outside Finland in March 2021.