Familon ♡ Organic

More responsible choices

Organic cotton is a better choice for the environment, water bodies and people. Our organic cotton collection is growing and more than half of the pillows and duvets by Familon are made from organic cotton. No harmful chemicals are used at any stage of the fabric manufacturing process: not in the farming of cotton, nor after harvesting.

The latest organic novelties include the pillows and duvet in the Cool Organic series with a cool feel, and the Prince Organic organic cotton towel series. Products previously upgraded to organic quality include the pillows and duvets in the classic Princess series, percale bottom sheets, and the Hiphop pillows, Princess duvets and Kaverit sheets, which offer only the best quality for children.

PRINCESS ORGANIC Familon Princess, an even better choice

The pillows and duvets in the Familon Princess series have provided sweet dreams since the 1960s, and the products in the series have been the trusted favourites of many sleepers year after year. The Princess Organic series includes three duvets and two pillows. The fabric of the pillows and duvets in the Princess series has been upgraded to organic cotton, and the fabric is GOTS-certified. The ecological Cirrus™ polyester fibre in the products is made from recycled raw material processed from recycled PET bottles.

About 60% of all the fibres used by Familon are recycled secondary raw materials.

CHILDREN’S ORGANIC Organic novelties - only the best for children

Children are happy when they sleep well. The eco-friendly Princess Organic and Hiphop Organic children's products are comfortable and safe sleeping companions for the little ones in the family. The children's pillow is extremely soft and mouldable, and the low filling in the baby pillow feels wonderful. The fabric of the high-quality Familon pillows and duvets for children has been upgraded to organic cotton, and the fabric is GOTS-certified. GOTS-certified organically farmed cotton is traceable in all cases.

The TOG rating of the Princess Organic baby and children’s duvet has been tested and they comply with the new EU level safety standard for baby duvets, that is, they are lighter than before. The duvets, ideal for the little ones to sleep under, are filled with fresh and airy hollow fibre, made responsibly from recycled polyester.

Cool Organic Lovely coolness

Too hot? No worries, the Familon Cool Organic pillow is like a breath of fresh summer breeze against your cheek and the Cool Organic lightweight duvet is a very thin and super light sleeping companion for sleepers who like it cool. The cooling Aerelle® Cool Night fibre filling, together with the special Outlast® fabric that evens out the temperature, make the duvet and pillow feel lovely and cool. The cover of the Cool Organic pillows and duvets is high-quality 100% organic cotton, and the fabric is GOTS-certified.

Prince Organic Soft organic cotton

Prince Organic, a soft set of towels in organic cotton, was launched in autumn 2020. The hand and bath towels in the series glow in the deep shades of autumn: cinnamon, wine and dark grey. The towels have a highly absorbent, striped terry surface.