Hotel sleep at home Sleep at home like in a hotel – well-supported dreams

What makes a night in a hotel bed so luxuriously wonderful? Deep restorative sleep, feeling good when you wake up, products that give maximum pleasure for sleep – that’s what makes your bed your favourite place at home.

Hotel guests have enjoyed sleep in Familon beds for decades, and the same hotel-style luxury is now available for you at home. The Familon Ergo Hotel continental bed provides perfect support for sleepers of all shapes and sizes. The continental bed is now available in a new width: 180 cm. Add an ergonomic top mattress to complete your perfect sleep experience, and you will never again want to fall asleep anywhere else.

Decorate your bedroom in hotel style: a luxurious continental bed, a top mattress to support your body, a stylish headboard, soft pillows, plush duvets and rustling percale sheets will enable you to sleep at home like in a hotel.