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Enjoy a rest by the water

Familon’s new winter textile collection invites you to rest by the water. The new patterns are inspired by nature, the waterways and marine atmosphere of the north.

Romantic or vivid? Merikukka creates a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom with a pattern that looks like an underwater meadow. Kalanruoto is a vivid, more abstract pattern that consists of organic lines and resembles the texture of weaved baskets. The Familon Home textiles are available in subdued, beautiful heather, festive white gold and deep spruce green.

The elegant new patterns are designed by Anna Kuukka, Familon’s trusted designer, who has contributed to several Familon collections over the years. Take a look and fall in love!

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A new look for the children’s room

Dive into an underwater adventure.

We proudly present: Fisu and Norppa. The water theme continues in Familon’s new children’s patterns that focus on fascinating underwater wildlife. The new patterns are designed in true, graphic Scandi style, but if you look closer, they feature familiar aquatic animals that gently lull little ones to sleep. All new children’s duvet cover sets are made of GOTS-certified organic cotton.

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Smart materials

Good choices for demanding sleepers

Choose a pillow and duvet that will take your sleep quality to the next level. Smart materials and ergonomic design ensure the best dreams for those who want more. Lay your head on an individually mouldable neck-support pillow and wrap yourself in a duvet that adapts to temperature changes, keeping you nice and cool and guaranteeing a good night’s sleep – every night.


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New and luxuriously soft

Enjoy a silky-soft feel

We proudly present two luxuriously soft new products: the Lux pillow and Lux Light duvet. Lay your head on a silky-soft pillow and wrap yourself in a comfortable and luxurious lightweight duvet. Lux is a responsible choice, as the fabric in the pillow and duvet is sustainably manufactured TENCEL™ Lyocell satin. It breathes and feels wonderful on the skin.

The cellulose-based, fully biodegradable TENCEL™ Lyocell wood fibre is manufactured sustainably and in an environmentally friendly way.

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Updated classics

Pure and better

Durable high-quality materials that are proven to be safe guarantee better sleep for the whole family. In addition to children’s products, our selection includes single duvets of three different thicknesses and a standard-temperature double duvet. With four different pillow heights to choose from, you are sure to find one that is just right for you. All our sustainably produced classics are made of durable, high-quality materials.

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Something new for the bathroom

Soft organic cotton

Our collection of soft, organic-cotton towels now includes new, earthy tones: neutral nutria, sophisticated silver and dramatic soot black. The towels have a highly absorbent, ribbed terrycloth surface. Mix and match Familon bathroom textiles to your liking and wrap yourself in comfort.

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