Cosy Northern Christmas

Gift of a good night's sleep –20%

This Christmas, we want to surround ourselves with warmth, good sleep and an enchanting atmosphere. Be inspired to create your own Christmas, full of softness and transcendent luxury. Familon offers you tips for Christmas hygge, choosing soft packages and creating relaxing moments. The magic of Christmas lies in the details, and we want to help you to find the little things that make your Christmas special.

Take advantage of our offer and give the gift of a good night's sleep. A pure Nordic range of Familon beds, pillows, duvets, mattresses and bedlinen with a 20% discount from normal prices until 26.12.2023. Free parcel delivery on purchases over €90. Check out our gift ideas and wrap up the joy of a good night's sleep under the tree - durable Familon gifts remind of their giver for a long time.

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Warm and cosy Christmas

Let your gift convey warmth and love

Suddenly your home is filled with the magic of Christmas: candlelight at dusk, the smell of conifer, a Christmas recipe passed down through the family and the beautiful linen in your bed on Christmas night. This Christmas, immerse yourself in the warmth of home, sleep well and fill your senses with pleasure. Hygge Christmas is celebrated with woolly socks on, wrapped in linen sheets.

This Christmas, fall in love with Familon's ever-lovely linen sheets. Discover the beautiful shades of linen and select warmth and softness for yourself or as a gift.

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Settle down for Christmas and relax

Read our tips for a relaxing holiday.

Christmas is a time to enjoy the company of loved ones and the joy of being together. But it's understandable that preparations can take time. In a blog post (in Finnish), we share tips on how you can enjoy Christmas even more and relax in the embrace of Familon's quality bedding.

Tips in the blog

Give the gift of a good night's sleep

Four reasons to buy Familon products for your Christmas gift box!

Christmas is approaching and the search for presents is on. This year, why not consider a gift of good sleep for your loved ones? Familon's quality and responsible bedding products, such as pillows, duvets and duvet covers, are gifts that will bring joy and well-being for a long time to come. In a blog post (in Finnish) you'll find four reasons to give Familon products as a gift!

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Tips for snuggling under the Christmas tree

Build a Christmas bed by the tree and get into the Christmas spirit.

Christmas is about warmth, rest and good sleep. Christmas time can be a time of traditions, hustle and bustle, but also a time for relaxation. Familon, together with a blogger "Sinimalist" Sini Antila, offers tips for creating the most inviting resting place for Christmas. Read tips in a blog (in Finnish).

Inspiration from blog

Gifts of a good night sleep