True hotel-quality sleep – every night

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Genuine Familon hotel beds and mattresses familiar from high-class hotels help you enjoy the most luxurious sleep experience. To give your bedroom a lighter update, get new pillows, duvets and bedding with a feel of those in a five-star hotel. To get the complete hotel-style sleep experience, get all of the above!

COMING SOON. Experience a true hotel-style sleep at home in a Familon bed familiar from high-class hotels, with a larger-than-normal size and upholstery that exudes premium hotel quality. Ensure a five-star sleep with Familon’s premium bedding and enjoy the best sleep experience – every night

Order beds, headboards, mattresses, pillows, duvets and bedlinen for a hotel-style sleep at a 20% discount and sleep better! To get the free delivery, activate the code STAYCATION23 in the shopping cart. The discounts are available until 11 June.

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