Bed you want to stay in

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The deams of the rest of your life begin now. In the Familon bed, you can experience the happiness of falling asleep and lull yourself into complete rest. In the morning, you wouldn't want to get out of bed, and throughout the day you dream of returning to the embrace of a good sleep. When you've slept in a Familon bed, you know what a good sleep really is.

Rediscover your sleep. A selection of high-quality beds and bed products with up to 25% discount. Offer valid in the online store and Familon stores until 1.5.2024.

Act now and enjoy free delivery with a discount code UNIKOTIIN until 22.4.2024. Valid for purchases over of 90€, in Finland also home delivery,

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Like sleeping for the first time

In the Familon bed, you can sleep peacefully, because no compromises have been made.

Familon beds are designed with your well-being in mind. A high-quality bed and its ergonomics affect your well-being every night. It is important for your body to receive complete support so that you can enjoy quality sleep and wake up refreshed for a new day. In our beds and mattressess the best materials and ergonomic design are combined to guarantee a pleasant sleeping experience just for you.

All Familon products come with good value for money as standard. However, we want to offer you changing special benefits and discounts. Take advantage of the April offer and join the well sleeping group!

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