FamilonShaped Body pillow

Familon Body pillow is an ergonomically shaped, adjustable position pillow ideal for side sleepers. The Body full-body pillow, which prevents strain and pain, has been designed in collaboration with occupational physiotherapist Jenni Ahopelto. This long pillow supports your body in the right sleeping position, which reduces the need to toss and turn and increases the amount of restorative sleep. The body pillow makes an ideal support pillow for those who suffer from pain in the back or neck and shoulder area. The body pillow facilitates sleeping in the side position and prevents the upper shoulder from slouching, which often causes pain between the shoulder blades and in the thoracic-spine, neck and shoulder area. The long position pillow supports the spine in a natural position, eliminating rotation. The Body pillow, also known as the boyfriend pillow, is a particularly plush and comfortable sleeping companion. Also serves as a wonderful extra pillow for pregnant women. The Familon Body pillow (140x30x30 cm) is divided by stitching into five compartments. Both ends of the pillow feature a zipper for adjusting the amount of ball-fibre filling. On the Body pillow, there is a white, matching pillowcase. The Body pillow bears the Finnish allergy label®, wash at 60°C.

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