Sustainable gift ideas

The gift of better sleep

If celebrations are in the air, someone’s in for a soft surprise! Delight those who have cause for celebration with a top-quality and sustainable present that will last for years to come. Familon has a wide range of superior solutions for perfect sleep, including hotel-quality percale sheets and linen sheets, luxurious down duvets, and ergonomic body pillows for the best sleeping position. Whichever you choose to give, these gifts are bound to make the recipient feel good in more ways than one.

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Hotel style

A gift that’s out of the ordinary

Surprise someone special with a touch of luxury. Luxurious materials that feel and look wonderful will make any day feel exceptional. Elegant hotel-style percale sheets, plush down duvets and down pillows – as comfortable as it gets!

A touch of elegance

A passion for patterns

Familon’s restful creations are also guaranteed to please the eye. Our natural cotton sheets conjure up appealing images of all sorts, like the ocean, flowering meadows and enchanting days of old. These fabulous designs are the work of our trusted associate Anna Kuukka, who has contributed to several Familon collections over the years. Anyone with a love of patterns is sure to appreciate Familon’s colourful and super-comfortable cotton sheets.

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Ergonomic gifts

The gift of comfort

Does someone special need a little extra for a good night’s sleep? Treat them to Familon quality, with superb ergonomic design and smart materials. Our excellent gift ideas come in many shapes and sizes – formed and individually adjustable pillows, temperature-equalising duvets, top mattresses for optimal support, and ergonomic beds. Rest and relaxation – the perfect presents.

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Gifts for children

Off to the land of Nod

Bedding designed specially for kids guarantee a good night’s sleep. Familon has everything a tired child needs: incredibly comfy organic cotton sheets and beautifully patterned pillows and duvets. Little ones will just love to fall asleep with gifts this soft and special. And if there’s a new arrival in the family, only the safest and highest-quality bedding will do – it’s got to be Familon. When making your purchase, you can have the gifts sent directly to the recipient’s address.

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Gift ideas for less than 50 €

Brighten up someone’s day

Many Familon gift ideas cost less than 50 €. Beautiful cotton sheets, soft terry towels and linen pillowcases make great gifts for someone who’s having a big day this spring or summer.