How to select the right bed

The right kind of bed guarantees deep and restorative sleep

By choosing a bed that is just right for you, you can ensure that your body gets the support it needs. When choosing a bed, body shape, weight and personal preferences should all be taken into account. Your sleeping position is correct when your spine is naturally straight and your shoulders and hips sink into the mattress without feeling any surface pressure. This allows your whole body to relax. The bed provides the basis for an ideal sleeping position, and the top mattress and pillow complete an ergonomic sleeping setup.

The Familon range of beds includes a variety of box spring beds and a luxurious continental bed. The beds are box spring beds, which means that their legs can be easily to attached without tools. Find the right bed just for you and enjoy dreams inspired by the Northern nature!

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Dreaming of a plush continental bed

If you are looking for a high and impressive bed, the classic Familon Hotel continental bed is the best choice for you. Inspired by hotel-style luxurious dreams, the continental bed provides ideal support for bodies of all shapes and sizes. It consists of two firm box spring beds and a 20 cm high mattress in the middle. The mattress is reversible, allowing you to choose the side you prefer: either a smart filling that perfectly conforms to your body shape, or a firm foam. The continental bed is available in two sizes: 160 x 200 and 180 x 200 cm. The total height without legs is 48 cm. Complete your impressive continental bed ensemble with a matching headboard.

“It’s really like sleeping in a hotel. This bed is awesome.”

Continental bed
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Double box spring bed

If a continental bed is not for you, you can combine two box spring beds to make a double bed. For the double bed, you can choose either one top mattress or two separate top mattresses. If the sleepers have different preferences, two individual top mattresses are the best option. The two separate box spring beds can be combined to make one double bed using connector clamps or connector brackets.

Our box spring beds have various properties that affect the firmness of the bed, for example. All our box spring beds come with a double-spring system: sturdy Bonnel springs below, and either a steadily supportive Bonnel suspension or pocket springs on top. The individual springs of the pocket spring system conform flexibly to different body shapes. Explore our bed selection and create a combination that meets all your preferences >

Box spring beds
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Box spring bed for individual support

The stable and durable Familon Zone box spring bed is zoned for individual support. The bed is equipped with a spring system in two layers: sturdy Bonnel springs below and 5-zone pocket springs on top. The zones provide optimal support and conform ideally to the shape of your body, allowing the spine to rest in a natural position. At 32 cm without legs, the Ultra box spring bed is our highest box spring bed. Available in chalk and grey.

“I’ve had this bed since this spring, and I wouldn’t change it for anything. This bed is insanely good and high quality! Nice and firm, but still not too hard, so my back does not go numb during the night. The bed offers just the right degree of support and softness...”

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A hotel bed for firm support

If you are looking for a very firm and sturdy box spring bed, the Familon Hotel box spring bed is the best choice for you. The bed comes with durable Bonnel springs on two layers, providing stable support for different body types – as a hotel bed should. The bed is 28 cm high (without legs), and the colour is dark grey.

Hotel bed
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A better basic bed

If you are looking for a high-quality basic bed, the Familon Original box spring bed is the best choice for you. The Original box spring bed offers support for bodies of varying shapes and sizes, but is particularly suitable for sleepers with straight body lines and lightweight sleepers. The bed features springs in two layers: firm Bonnel springs below, and zone-free pocket springs on top for steady and good support. At 26 cm high (without legs), the Uni bed is our lowest box spring bed. It is available in dark grey.

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