How to select the right duvet

Looking for an optimal duvet?

Do you get cold easily and need a very warm duvet to sleep well? Do you sweat easily and prefer a light and cool duvet? Or would you prefer something in between these two?

When choosing a duvet, individual need for warmth, room temperature and personal preferences should all be considered. If the temperature in your home changes with the seasons, it is a good idea to have one duvet for summer and another for winter.

How to select a uniquely comfortable duvet

Whether you’re looking for a warm or cool duvet, a luxurious down duvet or a temperature-regulating high-tech duvet, we have it all. All our duvets are suitable also for the most sensitive of sleepers and can be washed at 60 degrees.

The Familon Original collection guarantees safe and responsible dreams for the whole family.
The Familon Smart collection features ergonomic high-tech solutions for demanding sleepers.
If you crave luxurious materials and want to add a pinch of extravagance to your nights, the Familon Hotel Style collection is the optimal choice.

Sweet dreams inspired by the North under a duvet that is just right for you.

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