How to select the right mattress

A mattress to suit your bed frame and your needs

A foam mattress distributes body weight evenly and is suitable for many different uses. Familon mattresses use various types of polyurethane foams that have different feels and properties. You can use a foam mattress in a bed frame of your choice, in a bunk bed, loft bed, or on the floor. If you have an adjustable bed, you can choose a mattress specially designed for it. It is important to place the foam mattress on a breathable base, such as a slatted or perforated base, to allow air circulation from below and keep the mattress fresh. Explore our high-quality foam mattresses and find the right one for you!

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The best sleep ergonomics

Are you looking for a firm foam mattress to provide perfect ergonomic support? In that case, the flippable Familon Ergo Support zone mattress is the best choice for you. The two-sided mattress allows you to choose the feel that is ideal for you – firmer or softer. The Ergo Support mattress is suitable for all body types and provides great support for up to 110 kg. The mattress is 16 cm high.

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Mattress for an adjustable bed

Are you looking for a flexible mattress for an adjustable bed? The best choice is the supportive Familon Flex mattress that provides ergonomic support for all body types. The flexible foam supports the back ideally, ensuring a natural, straight sleep position. The Flex mattress is designed for sleepers who weigh 60–150 kg. The 14 cm high mattress is perfect for a motorised adjustable bed, a care bed or a senior bed. 


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Looking for a better basic mattress

Are you looking for a comfortably supportive mattress for a bed frame, bunk bed or loft bed? The best choice is the Familon Original foam mattress. The mattress is reversible and the foam is profiled so that you can choose either the softer or firmer side of the mattress. The two-sided Original foam mattress is a better-than-usual basic mattress for light and medium weight sleepers, providing great support for persons up to 90 kg. The Original mattress is 13 cm high.

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Ergonomic mattresses for babies and children

Are you looking for a mattress for an extendable bed or the cot of the youngest member of the family? Familon Smart mattresses, both the one for babies and the extendable version for older children, offer the best support and sleep ergonomics for kids. The ergonomic children’s mattress has a double structure: the top layer consists of smart filling that adjusts based on the temperature and weight, and the bottom layer consists of more firm foam. The breathable moisture protection, impenetrable to liquids and located under the elastic knit, enables easier care and a longer lifespan.

Best sleep for children
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Looking for a guest mattress and a comfortable children’s mattress

Are you looking for a guest mattress or a comfortable children’s mattress? The roll-packed Familon mattresses are suitable for guests or the beds of older children. Thanks to their resilient elastic foam, they are very supportive. The 10 cm high foam mattress provides optimal support for a light sleeper every night, but is also well-suited as a cottage mattress or a guest mattress. At slightly below 8 cm, the thinner mattress is suitable for lightweight schoolchildren and overnight guests. The children's mattress with an extension is a safe, high-quality choice for extendable children’s beds or cots.

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