Selecting a top mattress

The top mattress completes the feel of the bed

The top mattress can really make a difference, and preferences vary. The choice of top mattress has a significant impact on sleeping comfort. The bed itself the basic support, but the top mattress adjusts this support to the sleeper’s individual needs. Which do you prefer, a soft or a firm feel? You can use a top mattress to upgrade your bed and raise your sleep quality to the next level. A top mattress will also protect your bed from moisture, dirt and wear.

Explore our top mattresses and find the one most suitable for you – we are here to help you!

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Top mattress for a double bed

Separate beds and mattresses can be combined using a bed-wide top mattress, or both sleepers can choose their own top mattresses according to their personal preferences. If the chosen solution is one top mattress, but the bodies or preferences of the sleepers are different, it is important to ensure that the top mattress is suitable for both of them. Our selection of top mattresses caters to many tastes. Take a look and complete the feel of your double bed.

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Top mattress for luxurious dreams

Looking for a high, plush top mattress to complete the feel of your bed? In that case, our luxurious Familon Lux top mattress is the best choice for you. The reversible Lux top mattress provides optimal support for the body. One side is equipped with contouring smart filling and the other with soft foam. The Lux top mattress makes your bed luxuriously plush and high, like in a hotel. Explore our selection and order today!

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Functional top mattresses

Do you require a little bit extra from your sleep? Are you looking for a top mattress that is particularly firm, breathable or conforming to the shape of your body? We have designed two different top mattresses to cater for the needs of demanding sleepers.

The Familon Air top mattress, which is completely washable in water, is designed for those who like a firm, highly breathable and cool top mattress. The unique Breathair® 3D spiral fibre structure provides optimal air circulation for your bed.

If you are looking for a top mattress that conforms optimally to your body shape, the best choice is the viscoelastic memory foam Familon Memory top mattress.

Explore our selection of top mattresses that will meet needs of even the most discerning sleepers. Less distractions, more sleep.

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Classic top mattresses

What makes a top mattress a Familon classic? High-quality, durable materials that are suitable for the sleeping needs of the whole family. A top mattress that is suitable for many tastes is a simple way to round off the feel of a bed.

The Original Classic top mattress provides traditional, elastic support. It is suitable for most sleepers, but also for those on the heavier side. The soft and conforming Original Soft top mattress provides great support for lightweight sleepers. Rest easy and sleep well.

Find a suitable top mattress among our classics and ensure a good night’s sleep for the whole family.

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