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A good night’s sleep in just the right bed

Experience perfect rest in a Familon bed. Familon beds and continental beds for a good night’s sleep. There are as many beautiful dreams as there are dreamers. Your body needs the perfect support in bed, so that you can rest better and wake up more easily. Just lie down: our easy-care and ergonomic beds are made to ensure that you sleep soundly.

Our selection includes single beds in the following sizes: 80x200 cm, 90x200 cm and 120x200 cm. By combining two 80 cm or 90 cm beds, you can have a comfortable double bed that is 160 cm or 180 cm wide.

Consider the following when selecting a bed:

1. What size of bed do you need – single or double?
2. Box spring bed or continental bed?
3. Firm or soft?
4. Low or high?

A bed should provide support for all parts of the body. Bodies of different weights and sizes press against beds in different ways: a good bed supports the sleeper’s weight, but is also soft enough to be flexible. Check our selection to find a bed that will support and adapt to your body in just the right way.

A good bed for your back? Familon's ergoomic beds provide the best sleep for people with back trouble, the elderly and anyone interested in a healthy lifestyle.

Read more about selecting a suitable bed.

Familon beds are safe, having been designed and manufactured with decades of experience and professionalism, and are suitable for people with allergies.

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