Kids duvet cover sets

Good sleep supports a child’s healthy growth

Provide the best for young ones’ sleep. A good night’s sleep is particularly important for growing children. See Familon’s children’s range for the best products for your children. What better way to get your children to sleep?

Organic products for children!
The high-quality pillows for babies and children in the Hiphop organic collection and the duvets in the Princess Organic collection are made of wonderfully soft organic material with a breathable ecological fibre filling, to give your children pleasant and sound sleep. Use organic duvets and pillows to make the softest possible bed for your child.

Our duvet selection includes standard-sized mattresses ranging from cots to bigger beds. A children’s mattress with an extension is an investment that will last for years, providing good sleep and ergonomics. We recommend that you use a top mattress as well. By adding a breathable top mattress and an easy-care cover, you will create a fresh and comfortable bed for growing children.

Wonderfully soft sheets with pleasant patterns create a cosy feeling in the nursery.

Familon wants to offer children the best possible sleep. We can offer everything you need for children’s beds: sheets, small duvets, first pillow and ergonomic mattresses.

Proven safe, Familon’s baby and child duvets are designed and manufactured in accordance with SFS-EN 16779-1:2018 standard. 

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