FamilonErgo Breathair neck support pillow

The ergonomic, particularly breathable and durable Familon Ergo Breathair neck-support pillow adapts to the needs of every sleeper. The pillow, which provides good support, is particularly suitable for side sleepers. The resilient, medium-high pillow is made of cool three-layered Breathair® material, the top layer of which is ergonomically shaped to support the head and the neck and shoulder area. Back sleepers and narrow-shouldered sleepers can lower the pillow by removing one of the three Breathair® layers, the lowered pillow is also suitable for children and young people. The innovative Breathair® 3D spiral-fibre structure is exceptionally light and durable. Familon Ergo Breathair is an innovative pillow, and the three-dimensional filling structure makes the pillow uniquely breathable and elastic. The Ergo Breathair neck-support pillow does not store heat, and feels cooler than a normal pillow. Made of a cool, airy material, the pillow is an ideal sleeping companion both for those who seek warmth and those prone to sweating at night, completely washable with water. The Familon Ergo Breathair neck-support pillow bears the Finnish allergy label®. Let the unique and airy Ergo Breathair neck-support pillow take your sleep to a new level!

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